How did I become a San Diego child photographer?

Daniela LarsenWhen I was 13 years old, my father gave me a point-and-shoot camera. I was so thrilled. I was inspired to take pictures of everyone and everything. I even became our unofficial family photographer! Since then, my knowledge and passion for photography has grown and blended with my love of being a mother. I’ve spent over a decade capturing timeless family portraits, gorgeous expectant mothers, and children reaching every possible milestone.

After I moved to San Diego in my early 20’s, I worked to complete my college degree in marketing and graphic design. On summer breaks, I traveled to photograph places in South America, Indonesia, Africa and Europe. It was a college girl’s summer dream, blending my photography and design skills to capture my journeys.

Many years later, I was married and God blessed our family with a beautiful baby girl. I began to use my photographic skills to capture all the unique facial expressions and special moments I never wanted to forget. My quest to preserve these fleeting moments turned me from casual hobbyist photographer into professional portrait photographer. Since then, I’ve spent years studying and perfecting my skills to give my clients images they will treasure for a lifetime. Sereia Photography was born out of my desire to capture every magic moment of my baby girl’s life.

What does Sereia mean?

Sereia means mermaid in Portuguese, a mystical, fun and playful inhabitant of the sea. I grew up near the ocean and spent much of my youth playing near the water with my family. I’d let my imagination soar, dreaming of the magical creatures that inhabited the water beyond the beach where I’d play. Because of those early memories, I have a strong bond with the water and all ocean creatures, even the magical ones. I’ve always kept a special place in my heart for those long, warm days by the sea and the fantastic creatures that inhabited my young heart and mind. It’s that childhood spirit of magic that gave birth to my work as a photographer, and the name for Sereia Photography.

Sereia Photography from Sereia Photography on Vimeo.

About her work:

Daniela Larsen is an internationally recognized photographer based out of San Diego, California who specializes in capturing the magic of life!  Her style is simple, timeless and quite non-traditional. She believes that the best pictures are the ones captured in unexpected moments, moments that give us a glimpse into the beauty and mystery of childhood. Those moments appear and disappear just as swiftly as a Sereia into the sea.

Stories of expectant mothers, newborns, children, high school seniors and families inspire her to create the most beautiful photographs and portraits. Her sessions are on-location, in studio, at the client’s home, or a setting of the client’s choice. Both natural and/or studio lighting is used. Daniela brings her artistic flair and creativity to every portrait session and makes sure the experience is enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Daniela is very excited to share her talents and make your family’s special moments last forever. She looks forward to meeting you!

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