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San Diego

5 Best Beaches to Photograph

Planning on going on to San Diego for a vacation or family event? Interested in doing a memorable photo session while in San Diego? Well, you have picked the perfect city and we know how to make wonderful memories for you to have as a keepsake. The city of San Diego is often called “The Plymouth of the West”. We find that phrase to be quite fitting due to its beautiful beaches. San Diego is home to 5 breathtaking beaches that delight the eyes with amazing views that you will want to cherish forever. So if you are in search of that special environment to complement that special moment in your life, let us help you decide on that picture perfect background! We will reveal a few fabulous details about the 5 Best Beaches to Photograph in San Diego!

La Jolla WindanSea Beach

La Jolla WindanSea

Although it is rather small in size, this beach is big on beautiful views. It is known for its natural earthy appeal. We think you will agree that this beach has the most perfect and natural settings. You won’t have to worry about sand getting in your clothes because this beach has an abundance of smooth sandstone along its coastline. If you are a lover of whitecaps from the waves, then La Jolla Windensea will definitely not disappoint you. The water here is very active, which is why surfers love this beach. Just imagine those beautiful whitecaps as a backdrop to a maternity or family photo. Action photo shots go hand in hand with active water. Let us capture you happily jumping in the air with a happy splash of water behind you! Sounds like a fun photo shoot! This beach also provides bragging rights with its historical surf shack. Let’s gather your family underneath this shack for an opportunity to have a touch of history for your own personal moment in time.

La Jolla Scripps Pier

Scripps Pier La Jolla

This beach also has an earthy appeal. You’ll find that this beach has a nice mix of sand and stones. This beach has such a strong yet unique subtle vibe. This provides us with more opportunities to get creative during the photo shoot. The array of textures are endless. You can have a family-themed photo shoot at this unique beach or a fantasy-themed photo shoot like mermaids, pirates or Vikings. But what we consider the real gem of this beach is underneath the pier.Honestly, we could not have asked for a better photo prop. This pier basically becomes a work of art during a photo session. When faced centered directly underneath, it provides the most awesome far away perspective that you will ever see.

Pacific Beach Crystal Pier

Pacific Beach

If you prefer an endless view of the horizon as your background, then this wonderful beach is the suitable choice. This beach stretches for miles offering a crystal clear view of the blue sky. While many people love to watch the sunset at any beach, the sunrise at this lovely beach is quite serene and inviting. The water is calmer compared to La Jolla and the waves roll in ever so softly. The environment is preferred for families with small children since it’s safer and there is plenty of open areas to run! We know how to make the most out of that morning overcast sky or the sunset lighting behind Pacific Beach Crystal Pier during sunset!

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Needless to say that there are tons of views to be seen at this wonderful beach called Sunset Cliffs. But when you are ready to wind down and spend some time with nature, this beach has the perfect calming views to sit, meditate and take in all the natural beauty this beach has to offer! We think this beach is perfect for engagement and maternity photo sessions. Mother Nature showcases her artistic talent by blending the hues of blue, yellow, purple, and orange to provide a dreamy sensation to the soul. The Ocean Beach pier at sunset provides a beautiful surreal backdrop for couples, family, and children. We will make sure your special moments remain etched in visual pixels.

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach

In the mood for a beach with a Caribbean feel, look no further because this beach has just what you need. At first glance, you will notice that this beach has such a light, clear, and crisp appeal due to its light-colored sand, which is complemented perfectly by a rich blue sky. The sun seems to have a favorable relationship with this beach. Regardless if it is sunrise, high noon, or sunset, this beach is basically picture perfect any time of the day. This beach has a very nice, happy family vibe. Having the Hotel Del Coronado as a backdrop creates beautiful images for your family vacation! This beach is definitely an ideal spot for a family photo shoot.

As you can see, the city of San Diego has a lot to offer when it comes to beach photography. If you are interested in capturing memories from your vacation, engagement, family gathering, work trip, etc, feel free to contact us. We will schedule you to meet with our San Diego Beach Photographer Daniela Larsen.

Since 2010, Daniela Larson has been a professional photographer in the San Diego area. She is an expert with natural light. Her studio experience ranges from working with newborns, babies, children, expecting mothers, and families.Register your vacation with us and Daniela will be sure to select the perfect beach to accommodate your needs for a successful photography session. Making marvelous memories is what matters the most.



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