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Engagement Photos San Diego

at Windandsea Beach

Capturing love is such a beautiful thing! When couples hire me to photograph their Engagement Photos San Diego at Windandsea Beach, I am thrilled!

Tai and Gui were visiting San Diego when they found Sereia Photography online to register this special occasion in their relationship. They were from out of town so I suggested Windandsea beach in La Jolla, which is a perfect location to register love.

Windansea Beach

The rocky shore of Windansea Beach is best known for its beautiful scenery and surf breaks created by underwater reefs, making this beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California to have your engagement photo session.

Engagement Photos San Diego at Windandsea Beach

Windansea Beach

The area is so beloved by the locals that the famous Surf Shack at Windansea Beach was designated as a San Diego historical landmark. Windansea Beach also features some of the best and most breathtaking sunsets in the San Diego area. For the best light conditions, we typically start Windansea shoots a little over an hour before sunset so we can capture the great colors of the rocks and water, then we usually stay a bit after the sunset, to capture the beautiful lighting after sunset. Also, for a more secluded feel, its best to arrange your engagement photo session during the week, otherwise, Windansea can get fairly crowded.

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