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Personal Brand Photography

San Diego

Personal Brand Photographer

At the serene Fusion Studio in Boca Raton, I captured the essence of Eliziane Larsen, L.Ac., LE, a renowned acupuncturist and esthetician. As a personal brand photographer, it’s my joy to highlight the unique professional journeys of individuals like Eliziane who are dedicated to empowering and healing others. Eliziane’s passion for women’s health and her holistic approach to treatments make her a standout in her field, and her photoshoot aimed to reflect her professionalism and the tranquil atmosphere of her clinic.

Personal Brand Photographer

Eliziane Larsen: A Visionary in Women’s Health and Wellness.

Eliziane’s work at Fusio Studio – Acupuncture and Esthetics is a testament to her commitment to her clients. Specializing in natural fertility, pregnancy care, and pain management, she combines her extensive knowledge of skincare with traditional Oriental medicine techniques to introduce innovative rejuvenation protocols. Our session together not only showcased her professional setting but also her approachable and caring demeanor, which is central to her practice.

The goal of our photoshoot was to visually communicate the peace, clarity, and balance that Eliziane strives to provide through her treatments. Her success in treating a range of conditions from chronic pain to stress-related issues is inspiring. Through our photography, we aimed to capture the transformative power of her work, portraying not just a healthcare provider, but a passionate healer dedicated to making a difference in the lives of her patients.

Customer Review:
I recently worked with Daniela Larsen from Sereia Photography for personal branding photos and she was fantastic! From choosing the location to picking out the perfect outfits, the whole process was smooth and stress-free. Daniela made the shoot super enjoyable and she really knows how to work with light. The photos turned out amazing and I can’t wait to use them on my new website to promote my new brand. Highly recommend her for anyone looking to elevate their professional image! - Eliziane Larsen

San Diego Personal Brand Photographer



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