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We have the great pleasure to offer the ultimate, creative, messy and fun experience of all, known as “Smash Cake Photo Sessions” – a professional photosession that focuses on the child’s Arst interaction with a birthday cake, usually done around the baby’s Arst birthday where super cute Smash Cake Photos arecreated.This type of photo shoot has been very popular here in America for quite awhile, and it has become a huge trend worldwide. Smash Cake photo sessions are nowone of the most “must haves” children’s photos of all times when it comes to creative photo shoots, and every mommy wants to have cute images to rememberthis super cute time of their babies lives.They’re also a great option for those who aren’t planning on having a birthday party but wish to have cute pictures of this very special milestone.

The Cake

The client is responsible for ordering and bringing the cake. I would love to be able to provide this for my clients, but due to possible food allergens etc, it is, unfortunately, a liability for me, so I have the parents bring the cake. We suggest buying a small 6″ to 8” cake from any bakery/grocery store. Regular frosting is best and you can pick a color to match the theme. If you have a specific theme in mind let us know so we can coordinate the colors with the outfits and the cake!

For the children’s first birthday, in most cases, it’s their first contact with sugar. It’s also the first time they’re really allowed to do whatever they want with a cake. Most babies love it. But others not so much… Remember, each child has its own special personality and behave differently against new discoveries. What I mean, is that each photo session can be a box full of surprises, and sometimes it is very common for some children to cry or to get scared by touching the cake, or not even want to get close to it (as another example, when they first get in contact with beach sand or the park’s grass, they may not like the texture).

Please note that not all babies love the cake or it’s texture. In order to help your baby to be prepared for a Smash Cake session is to let them try cake or a cupcake of similar frosting ahead of time. Babies are often hesitant to try new tastes and textures, and this is one way to help them become familiar with it ahead of time.

Please Avoid

Red Frosting. Mixed with drool can begin to look like blood.
Frozen cakes. They are too cold and babies will be scared to touch it.
Fondant. It is very difficult for the baby to break into the cake.
Berries. They will stain their cute outfits and everything around them. If you don’t mind, we don’t mind!
Chocolate cake and Chocolate frosting. Chocolate looks like dirt on their little faces.

Don't Like Cake

Let’s get creative!
How about a Taco Tuesday Smash?
Maybe a stack of organic pancakes?
Or even a huge bowl of fruit?
What about a watermelon fruit smash?
Or a big plate of pasta?

Let them have Cake and Smash it too!

A Smash Cake Photo Session usually lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour and includes images of the child before introducing the cake, with the scenario all setup. That, not only guarantees the parents receive a good amount of pictures to choose from, but also helps the child to get used to the environment before all the action starts. As soon as the child is comfortable and happy in the scene, the cake is introduced.

What to Wear

Some customers put their babies in just a diaper cover with a birthday hat/headband, others dress the baby with a tutu, and some have a full outfits they have ordered online. It’s all personal preference. Just keep in mind it will get messy. If they are in a tutu/skirt/dress, please be sure to put a diaper cover on so we don’t see the diaper.

For girls: cute party dresses, lacy panties or a tutu skirt with diaper cover;
For boys: shorts or cute diaper cover, cargo or dressy pants, bowtie and even a little shoulder strap.

If you decide to schedule a Cake Smash Photo Session, we also suggest bringing a spare of clothes for the baby to change and a towel for cleaning up afterwards. We will have plenty of baby wipes for you to use. When you are ready to book your session, please contact us. I suggest booking a coupe months in advance if possible.


We usually schedule a Smash Cake Session around the child’s first birthday, when baby is between 11-13 months. Some parents need the photos for the birthday party invitation, so I recommend the photo session to be done no later than 11 months.The best thing to do is to schedule your session when baby is the happiest. Be cautious of nap and feeding times, as grumpy and hungry babies will not cooperate. A lot of customers have found that after morning naps or right after lunch to be the best time.

If your baby is sick, just had vaccines, or is teething I highly recommend rescheduling the session until baby feels better. Smash cake photos aren’t limited to first birthdays. We have photographed Smash Cake photo sessions of children who are celebrating any birthday.

Smash Cake Photo Sets

We will plan and supply the cutest scenario for you session! Smash Cake sessions can take place indoors or outdoors. We will suggest outfits and the perfect cake to go along with the selected scenario and everything else that will compose the scene, this way each client gets a custom session in studio or at the location of their choice.

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